Do you long to make art, but find yourself overwhelmed? Perhaps you believe you lack creativity, skill, talent, time, or money to be able to follow your creative dreams. Maybe you tell yourself it is too late…and making art is a foolish dream.

You have great ideas, and you’ve purchased all the supplies. But they sit with other unopened supplies from earlier ideas you’ve left unexplored for fear that what you create won’t match the vision in your imagination.

Are you an artist who has lost her way? Do you find yourself laying awake at night, wondering where the day has gone, beating yourself up because, once again, you haven’t been able to carve out any time to create something?

Maybe you find yourself filled with longing, for something, but cannot quite put a finger on what that something is.

Artephilia is a new creative compass.

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I’m intrigued by the impact creativity and art-making has on our brains. As I learn more, I’ll share what I find in new posts. I’ll also share with you projects I’m working on and information about upcoming classes. My goal is to build a community of online support for your creative dreams–please join in! Leave comments, or contact me at susanrochesterart@gmail.com.

We just finished the first on-line session of Deeper Than Words! It was such fun…if you missed out this time, it will be back.

Coming soon:

Do you have an on-again, off-again creative practice and you’re looking to step up your game? Art Every Day will help you establish habits to take your work to new levels.

Are you obsessed with books? I sure am, and I use book forms as a foundation for a lot of my art. Build Your Own Book (BYOB) is a different kind of book-of-the-month club.